Focusing on the importance of postpartum care and postpartum recovery

After giving birth, caring for your infant will likely take up most of your time and energy, but don’t forget that your own mental and physical wellbeing matter too! It is important to prioritize your postpartum recovery and make time for self-care.

For the past few years, many people in the obstetrics community began calling the 12 weeks after giving birth the fourth trimester. During this period we, gynecologists, urge you to pay attention to your postpartum recovery and the importance of postpartum care.

When the time comes for your postpartum check-up, you may be feeling fine and decide it’s not necessary. However, it’s still important to visit your gynecologist. Here are some things which will be address during the visit.

  • Your emotional and mental health, including stress and baby blues
  • Post-partum depression
  • Breastfeeding
  • Infant care
  • Contraception and feelings about sexuality
  • Sleep patterns and fatigue
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Chronic health conditions

If you had pregnancy or childbirth complications, you may require more postpartum visits

Postpartum recovery varies from woman to woman. For example, if you had conditions, such as preeclampsia or excessive tearing during birth, you may need more visits with our doctor. Every birth is unique. If you ignore your complications or special circumstances, it may result in serious health problems.

It’s vital to discuss postpartum care before and after you give birth. Your health matters to us, to your baby and your family. Contact us for an appointment.