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Annual Exams

Having an annual gynecology exam helps women stay healthy at every age and every stage of life. At our office, Dr. Davidovic-Grigoraki performs annual gynecology exams for women of all ages to provide the care and guidance needed for optimal health and wellness.

Questions and answers about Annual Exams

What happens during an annual gynecologic exam?

An annual gynecologic check up begins with a complete medical history to look for risk factors and other issues that may need to be evaluated. Patients will also be asked about any symptoms or concern they have. Blood pressure and weight are measured and recorded, and a clinical breast exam and pelvic exam will be performed. A Pap test, HPV screening, or STD testing may also be performed. Depending on each patient’s risk factors, additional testing may be performed or ordered, including urine tests, blood work, or mammograms. Patients may also receive guidance regarding STDs, pregnancy, birth control, menopause, or other relevant issues.

Why is an annual exam important?

An annual gynecology exam is a very important part of maintaining optimal health throughout a woman’s life. By having an exam each year, it’s easier to spot early changes that can indicate the presence of a disease so treatment can be provided as soon as possible. Annual exams also help ensure patients receive appropriate testing and screening at every age, as well as guidance and education to help them stay healthy. And finally, annual exams provide opportunities to speak with a doctor about medical concerns for greater peace of mind.

By getting annual exams, women can learn to maintain a healthy lifestyle and adopt habits that facilitate long-term health.